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Some useful short-key(shortcut) for me (Updating)

2019-03-05 John 0

WindowsWin + LLock desktopAlt + EscPut current window to bottomAlt + Space + nMinimize current windowChromeCtrl + Tabnext tabCtrl + Shift + Tabprevious tabAlt + D, Alt + EnterDuplicate current tabRight click tab, DuplicateDuplicate current tabSurfaceFn + Caps,switch Fn keyVolume up + powerWin + Shift + sPrtScn,win + volume-downScreen captureVS codeCtrl + jCtrl + Shift + mToggle panel on the bottomCtrl + bToggle left panel (sidebar)

Windows (Server) OS FAQ (updating)

2019-05-16 John 0

  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\MSBuild\Microsoft\NuGet\15.0\Microsoft.NuGet.targets(186,5): error : The package xxx with version 6.0.1304 could not be found in C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\.nuget\packages\. Run a NuGet package restore to download the package. [xxx.csproj]

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Vehicle mileage trace/log app compare (updating)

2020-08-18 John 0

Mileage Tracker(Motolog)Simple AutoFuelioEverlanceTripLogDrivvoDriversnoteSimple mileage tracker MileCatcherMy CarMiloVehicle Trip logbookFree times for auto-trips log10/month10/monthUnlimit30/month.Unlimit in trial 30daysmanual logUnlimit40/months30 day trialNbugUnlimitedGet final odometer by trip logs.YYN, manually mileage YYYYYn, by mail reporrtYn/aYAuto log trip by bluetooth.(auto-start tracking)YYYNYNNNNNNYAuto log trip by other sensors.(auto-start tracking)ChargerNNfitnesiBeacon, …NiBeaconfitnesfitnesNfitnesChargerreminderYYYNNYNNNYNNAdditionalbank intgrationbig UX